AIS stop sign Aquatic Invasive Species Education Handbook

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Complete Handbook PDF

Table of contents

Cover and Table of Contents
Chapters 1 Introduction, Chapter 2 National Perspective
Chapter 3 Wisconsin Statewide Programs
Chapter 4 Designing Educational Programs
Chapter 5 Case Studies-Citizens Taking Action
Chapter 6 Resources
Chapter 7 Species Specific Information
Chapter 8 Steps to Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

Additional Resources

These resources are also available on the CD that accompanies the handbook. You may get the CD by contacting Melinda Wilkinson,

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Getting In Step

Wisconsin DNR/University of Wisconsin Extension Publications

Aquatic Invasive Species Grants: At A Glance
Aquatic Invasive Species Grants - In depth fact sheet
Clean Boats, Clean Waters Program Brochure
Eurasian Water-milfoil/Northern Water-milfoil Card
Eurasian Water-milfoil Fact sheet: customizable
Exotics Advisory Fact sheet: customizable | print-ready
Help Prevent the Spread Flyer: customizable | print-ready
Lake Planning Grants Factsheets
Lake Protection & Certification Grants Factsheets
Protect Your Boat and Engine From Zebra Mussels
Recognizing Eurasian Water-milfoil and Native Look-a-Likes Fact sheet
See Cella Chow -- Biological Control Manual
Stop the Invasion Poster
Stop the Spread Insert: customizable | print-ready
Guidelines for Customization
Summary -- State Aquatic Invasive Species Comprehensive Plan
The Facts on Eurasian Water-milfoil Brochure
Wisconsin Wild Cards - Set 1
Wisconsin Wild Cards - Set 2
Zebra Mussel Boater's Guide

Sea Grant Publications

Aquatic Invasive Species: An Educator's Information and Materials Guide
Invasive Aquatic Plants: What Every Plant Enthusiast Should Know
Round Gobies Invade North America Fact Sheet
Ruffe: A New Threat to Our Fisheries Fact Sheet
Rusty Crawfish: A Nasty Invader Fact Sheet **broken
The Spiny Waterflea Bythotrephes cederstroemi - Another Unwelcome Newcomer to the Great Lakes Fact Sheet
Zebra Mussels in North America Fact Sheet
Zebra Mussels: Questions and Answers for Inland Lake Managers Fact Sheet

Lake Line Articles
publication of the North American Lake Management Society

Articles on crayfish, curly-leaf pondweek, Eurasian water-milfoil, non-indigenous plants, prevention and control, purple loosestrife, round goby, ruffe, and zebra mussels can be found in the Spring 2002 Lake Line **broken

Education Program Resources

Building Capacity: Community-Based Environmental Education in Practice
Building Capacity: Educating for Community Action
Building Capacity: From Transferring to Transforming
Engaging Learners in Learning: A Checklist for Face-to-Face Settings
Physiological Factors in Adult Learning
Quick Reference: Community-Based Social Marketing
Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective Adult Learning Programs


Aquatic Exotics - PowerPoint Presentation | Script
Aquatic Exotics in Wisconsin - PowerPoint Presentation
Invasive Species--Fact or Fiction? - PowerPoint Presentation | Script
Mussel Menace...Zebra Mussels and You - PowerPoint Presentation | Script
Protecting Boats and Motors from Zebra Mussels - PowerPoint Presentation | Script
There Goes the Neighborhood... - PowerPoint Presentation | Script