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For Employees


Custodian - 2nd Shift

category Classified
location Dane county
division Extension Conference Centers
date posted 03/01/2017
date expires 05/01/2017
transfer status Open
salary $9.50/hr
hours 2-5 shifts per week, 5pm-10pm
pay range/
job length LTE


UW Extension Conference Centers is seeking applicants for 2nd shift Custodial positions. These positions will be either Temporary Staff positions or Student Help positions, depending upon the applicant. Both classifications do not come with benefits or paid leave.

Responsibilities of a custodian to maintain the cleanliness of the conference rooms, offices, and common areas of the building. This position is responsible as a first contact person with our customers and requires excellent customer service abilities. The position works under the supervision of a Custodial Services Supervisor.

Hours of work: Schedule varies per week depending upon availability and business offering 2-5 shifts per week. Standard shift is 5pm – 10pm.

Goals and Worker Activities

1. 20% Setup and Maintain Conference Rooms

a. Set conference rooms with chairs and tables according to EBMS setup sheet

b. Adding any additionally required items such as podiums, lecterns, flipcharts, easels, and any other equipment as requested by the client

c. Removing trash and recycling

d. Replacing water coolers and cups as necessary

e. Cleaning whiteboards and tabletops

f. Vacuuming the surface of the rooms fully

2. 15% Kitchen and Dining room Cleaning

a. Remove trash and recycling daily

b. Sweep and mop tiled surfaces daily

c. Clean floor mats weekly

d. Adjust dining room setup as needed

e. Vacuum dining room daily

3. 15% Office Cleaning

a. Cleaning and maintaining offices on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors

b. Removing trash and recycling on a twice weekly basis

c. Cleaning public bathrooms on a weekly basis

d. Stocking private and public bathrooms with supplies, including toilet paper, paper towel, and hand soap

e. Vacuuming hallways and office carpets

f. Moping tiled flooring

g. Reporting any damage or needed repairs

4. 10% Maintenance of Common Area Restrooms

a. Empty all trash containers and remove all floor debris

b. Clean and sanitize all toilets, urinals, and sinks

c. Clean all mirrors

d. Sanitize door handles and other high touch surfaces

e. Replace all supplies including soap, paper towel, toilet paper, and antibacterial cleaner

f. Mop the surface of the room

5. 10% Common Area Cleaning

a. Sweep and mop tiled hallways and entrances

b. Vacuum hallways and lounge spaces

c. Remove trash and recycling

d. Clean entrance window glass

6. 10% Pool Cleaning

a. Clean pool bathrooms and locker rooms

b. Mop surface of pool deck and locker rooms

c. Remove and replace pool towels

d. Cleaning the sauna

e. Replacing soap in shower stalls

7. 10% Training and Customer Service

a. Participate in the training of student employees, LTE's and new custodians in the safe and proper use of equipment and supplies

b. Help train students, LTE's and new custodians in the proper setup of furniture to meet the specific needs and quality standards of our customers and building management

c. Respond promptly and courteously to customer requests for service

d. Act as a front line representative for Extension Conference Centers using customer service skills

e. Respond to radio all radio calls quickly and in a professional manner

f. Attend training related to customer service and other job related subjects as requested or required

8. 10% Miscellaneous Tasks

a. Clean debris from entrances and parking lots

b. Shoveling, snow blowing, and salt spreading when snow is present

c. Extracting carpets

d. Waxing floors

e. Cleaning tables and chairs

f. Moping stairwells

g. Performing any addition related tasks as directed by supervisor


2nd Shift Custodian Qualifications


• Be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly and more with help.

• Be able to climb and work on a ladder.

• Have strength and stamina to perform required work including stooping, kneeling, moving furniture, and working on feet for long periods of time.


• Prior experience in setup for conference centers

• Prior experience in general cleaning duties

• Prior experience mixing and using chemicals in a safe manner

• Prior experience working collaboratively with other people

recruitment information

Starting pay is $9.50/hr.

Please contact Karla Lemak or Joshua Koehler via email or telephone (see below) to apply for these positions

For questions, please call 608-256-2621 and ask for Karla Lemak ( or

Joshua Koehler (

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