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UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor Ray Cross announces 2012 Chancellor’s Awards recipients

University Relations
Sep 21 2012

MADISON, Wis.—University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension partners, friends and employees were recognized for their contributions to enhancing Wisconsin’s quality of life at the Chancellor’s Awards ceremony, Sept. 20, in Madison.

When presenting the awards, Chancellor Ray Cross said, “The Chancellor’s Awards are a once-a-year celebration of UW Colleges and UW-Extension’s valuable contributions to lifelong learning, but the work of these two institutions is in evidence every day of the year in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

“Let us thank the 2012 awards recipients for protecting the environment, developing youth and adult leaders, reaching state residents with learning opportunities via cost-effective technologies, creating win-win collaborations and so much more – all with the goal of bringing university resources and knowledge to the people of our state.”

The 2012 UW-Extension and UW Colleges Chancellor’s Awards recipients are:

Wisconsin Idea Award

The Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership and Friends of Hika Bay, Manitowoc County, received the prestigious Wisconsin Idea Award for bringing together the community and the university in the common goal of improving and protecting the water quality in northeastern Wisconsin.

Friend and Advocate Award

The CNH Racine Training Center received a Friend and Advocate Award for enriching the lives of Wisconsin’s children, adults and families through generous support for UW-Extension programming in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Kitchen Cabinet of the Chequamegon Connection Campaign received a Friend and Advocate Award for ensuring that residents of northwestern Wisconsin have access to Wisconsin Public Radio’s cultural enrichment, conversation, news and information programming.

The Wisconsin Educational Opportunity Program Wausau Team of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction received a Friend and Advocate Award for providing youth in central Wisconsin with the encouragement, skills and confidence needed to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education.

Award for Excellence in Community Engagement

Paulette Bangura, UW-Milwaukee, and Demetrius Brown, Cooperative Extension, received an Award for Excellence in Community Engagement for founding the African Diaspora Project that helps immigrant and refugee children develop the skills needed to pursue higher education and career opportunities.

The Wisconsin Operation Military Kids State Team of Cooperative Extension received an Award for Excellence in Community Engagement for developing a strong community support network for military families and children dealing with challenges encountered when a loved one is deployed.

The Wisconsin Youth Leadership Academy, UW-Oshkosh and Cooperative Extension, received an Award for Excellence in Community Engagement for providing opportunities for at-risk and disadvantaged youth to discover and fulfill their potential to be the next generation of leaders.

Award for Excellence in Program Collaboration

Sue Buck, UW Colleges and UW-Extension, received an Award for Excellence in Program Collaboration for opening the minds and hearts of UW Colleges and UW-Extension Leadership Academy participants to the opportunities for and responsibilities of leadership.

Award for Excellence

The following UW Colleges and UW-Extension individual employees and teams were recognized for their outstanding performance during the past year:

• Dan Bollweg, Physical Plant Maintenance, UW-Rock County

• Tina Hauser and Bruce Johnson, Wisconsin Public Television, UW-Extension

• Kari Lazers, Cooperative Extension, UW-Extension

• Local Government Center Team, Cooperative Extension, UW-Extension

• Cathy Techtmann, Cooperative Extension, UW-Extension

• Murali Vedula, School of Continuing Education, UW-Milwaukee

Career Award

Three employees were honored with a Chancellor’s Career Award for outstanding and significant program, administrative or support contributions for more than a decade:

• Tom Evans, Cooperative Extension, UW-Extension

• Tom Micksch, Wisconsin Public Television, UW-Extension

• John Poole, Student Services, UW-Richland

Each year UW Colleges and UW-Extension serve approximately 1.5 million Wisconsin residents with both credit and noncredit programs delivered through the 26 University of Wisconsin campuses, all 72 county offices, and the statewide networks of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television. For more information, visit


High-resolutions photos of awards recipients with UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor Ray Cross will be available through Peg Davis,, 608-890-1213.

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